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A Little About Us...

In a renovated historic downtown building that was originally Pittsboro Hatchery back in 1953, we have made an Emporium! For all intents and purposes, an emporium is a bold variety store with a curious blend of goods. You never know what you're going to find! 

Finders and Seekers Emporium is a unique store that has been set up and designed to create and curate a different look, feel, and shopping experience of the usual multi-vendor antique mall/ variety store. Using a set flow pattern and unconventional sized and shaped vendor sections, it breaks that “booth cube” template and creates a different shopping experience for customers. At the same time, it also creates better exposure and sales of vendor merchandise. Having an opportunity to have several small spaces around the store in smaller, more manageable sections, vendors can focus on quality and creativity and not necessarily quantity of inventory. The goal is to attract vendors who want to carry and sell high quality, well thought out, heirloom grade types of art, antiques, collectibles, and hand made goods and customers that want to buy them. By choosing the store template in this way, the Emporium strives to ensure a successful scenario for the customer, the vendor, and the Emporium itself. By curating vendors and merchandise, having both attractive rental and consignment programs that offer all-inclusive, simple charging for space at the Emporium, opportunities are created for just that scenario. 


The Lindsay family ran the Pittsboro Hatchery in 1953 and had a 528,000 chick capapcity, making them one of the largest in NC at that time. 

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