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A stunning hand colored print of Plate 87, The Florida Scrub Jay, by John J Audubon, 1830. Printed by The Old Print Shop, New York 1930-1950. Comes with a protective folder (not original). Unframed.


Also known as the Florida Scrub Jay, John James Audubon found this beautiful bird in Florida, and did not observe it at any other location in the wild. It was rare even in Audubon’s time, and confined to the eastern portion of Florida that contains its preferred habitat, a rare oak scrub.

Drawn on the branch of a Persimmon tree.


Plate 87, from Birds of America
by John J. Audubon

14 x 19 in.

Some browning and light creasing. Colors saturated and vibrant.

Florida Scrub Jay - Audubon - 1930-1950 Antique Print

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